Sunday, 16 June 2019 21:20

France Registers Some 50 Thousand Yellow Vests Demonstrations

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France Registers Some 50 Thousand Yellow Vests Demonstrations Photo: PL

Some 50,000 demonstrations took place in France in recent months as part of the movement of yellow vests, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said today.


Paris.- Speaking to the newspaper Journal du Dimanche, the Minister said that since the beginning of the mobilization in November 2018, about 50 thousand protests were registered in this capital and in many cities of the country.

Despite the initial push of the movement, which every Saturday managed to gather hundreds of thousands of citizens in the streets of France, in recent weeks there has been a noticeable decrease in the figures.

According to the ministry, only seven thousand people participated yesterday in protests in cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Montpellier, or Lille.

The yellow vests began to take to the streets to oppose the increase in fuel prices decreed by the Government, and then the demands were extended to the increase of taxes in general and the loss of purchasing power as a result of government policy.

Now they also demand to reform the Constitution for the sake of a full democracy and that citizens have the possibility to request and promote the holding of national referendums on relevant issues. (PL)

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